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Affordable Hawaii Fishing Trips!

Go Fishing Hawaii offers affordable Hawaii fishing trips out of beautiful Haleiwa , Hawaii , on the world-famous North Shore of Oahu. Our proximity to prime fishing grounds means shorter runs out to the fish, more time fishing, and more affordable Hawaii fishing trips for our clients.

We offer different fishing trips suited to our guest's needs including trolling, jigging and bottom fishing excursions. Choose the trip that most suits your needs.

Our trolling charters target some of the biggest fish in the entire Pacific Ocean such as marlin topping the 1000 pound mark. These bruisers might leave you breathless, but sore arms are a small price to pay for trophy billfish in a lush, tropical setting. Many other fish are caught on these trips such as mahi-mahi, which leap from the water with wild abandon, and wahoo, one of the fastest fish in all the world's oceans.

Another affordable Hawaii fishing trip we offer at go fishing Hawaii is bottom fishing for reef dwellers such as mighty amberjack, toothy barracuda, delicious snapper and the speedy trevally. We use 20-pound or less gear on these trips, with some of the fish caught exceeding the 20 pound mark.

These affordable Hawaii fishing trips are suited to anglers who enjoy the fast and furious action of fishing bottom within sight of the green mountainsides of the verdant North Shore . Light line makes this kind of fishing a test for any fisherman, and when your drag starts to scream, the excitement is just beginning.

Another fishing trip we offer is jigging for tuna. Tuna are some of the fastest fish in the ocean as well as one of the strongest. We use 20-50-pound gear and you provide the action on our custom-made lures. Tangling with a 50 pound-plus Ahi tuna is just one of the possibilities on these affordable Hawaii fishing trips.

Here at Go Fishing Hawaii, our knowledgeable guides will share with you their knowledge of the art of local fishing techniques. You will be immersed in our island paradise; clean air, clear water, and great fishing, surrounded by spectacular scenery and an array of oceanic wildlife.

Our affordable Hawaii fishing trips are suited to both the experienced and the novice angler. We are here to help, and will offer guidance, but we leave the catching to you.

Join us for an unforgettable, affordable fishing charter at Go Fishing Hawaii and see why the North Shore is famous for more than just its big waves.


Haleiwa Hawaii Fishing and Scenic Trip rates: Starting at $250.

With 24 hrs advanced booking notice

Manager or Charter Captain to confirm by phone 1 day prior to your trip.

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